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After studying at the Aki, academy of fine art, Peter is back to  what is most important to him. His background as a sculptor is still visible in his current work.

Peter comes from a family where textile has always played an important role. An important starting point for him is that his start is not a blank canvas or linen, but a jacquard or gobelin woven canvas full of structure and symbolism. These substances full of memory are used, so that there is a natural connection between the past and the present. The fabrics give each painting a skin, as you also see it with a sculture of stone, bronze or wood.

The painted image on the canvas refers to primal forms, fertility symbols and life cycle. These forms originate both in Europe and in Asia, especially India. Centrally placed on the canvas, as an image is formed by the space it occupies.



Oktober Kunstmoment Diepenheim

Juni Expositie Zondag Loolaan Galerie



23 t/m 31 december Groepsexpositie Loolaan Galerie, Apeldoorn

10 september t/m 07 oktober groepsexpositie “Eclatant feest” (h)Artgalerij Laren (NH)

8 t/m 30 juli, thema expositie “Tussen Licht en Donker”, Loolaan Galerie, Apeldoorn

13, 14, 20 en 21 mei 2017 overzichtstentoonstelling, Loolaan Galerie Apeldoorn

21 maart tot en met 28 mei 2017 Galerie 1703, Wijhe. (solo)

8 april pop-up expositie Landhuis de Wipselberg



6 juli tot en met 21 augustus 2016 ACEC Apeldoorn

14, 15, 21 en 22 mei 2016 Overzichtstentoonstelling de Weekendgalerie, Apeldoorn

1 mei tot en met 03 juli 2016 Apeldoorn Art, CODA museum Apeldoorn.



14 en 15 november, Europartfair Rotterdam

01 april tot en met 01 november Galerie H10a



13 april tot en met 07 juni Galerie Arneri

05 jan tot en met 23 feb Galerie H10a


Aki, academy of fine arts, Enschede 1982-1987


Municipality of Enschede


Apollohuis, Paul Panhuysen 1990

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